Best Drinking Songs

Let’s face it, we all love drinking so why not compile a perfect list of drinking songs! Okay so basically what we will do is throw together a big list of the funniest, loudest and most obnoxious drinking songs available so we can start throwing parties and having the most fun of our lives! Drinking as we know it is a very fun habit, whether you are at a bar or in your upstairs drinking while your kids are downstairs trying to sleep miserably listening to all of your annoying friends yell and bust out. Well, I am just speaking from my own experiences as a child. But when you have the need to get drunk, start listening to all of these songs! They will get the party going because they are so funny and put you in the mood where you are looking for some of the best drinking songs! Okay, so a great story of drinking songs is one in a million. But here is a pretty good one! When I was a child, my parents would have parties in the attic, with a bunch of fat people who obviously were drinking too much in their lives. What I say is that these people have too much fun to get out of drinking. Anyways, they went out to a bar for a while and I was stuck in the house with my brother.

When they got back my father was screaming all over the house, he had gotten tossed by a sumo wrestler! I know sounds kind of weird but apparently they got their drinks mixed up. Anyways that is not even the beginning, the next night he went back to the same bar and asked for a rematch, once again he got tossed. But the sumo wrestler ended up coming over to our house for some fun drinking songs! That’s the type of things that drinking can do to you.

Anyways let’s look at this list of the best drinking songs!

  1. Don’t come home a drinking – by Loretta Lynn
    2. Dinkin’ Wine Spo Dee O Dee – by Various
    3. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer – by Amos Milburn
    4. White Lightnin – by George Jones
    5. Quiet Whiskey – by Wynonie Harris
    6. Don’t take my whiskey away from me – by Wynonie Harris
    7. Streams of whisky – by Pogues
    8. There stands the glass – by Webb pierce
    9. The piano has been drinking – by Tom waits
    10. Little ole wine drinker me – by Tom waits

These are the top ten drinking songs!

However we still have many more songs for you to go through! So continue reading our website, we have about 50 Drinking songs that you can listen to and have a great time with!

What Is Music Theory? FAQs

Do you understand what music theory means? Music theory isn’t something which most people have heard of and, in truth, unless you have been in the music industry for a while, you wouldn’t know what it is. However, it’s a very simple concept. It’s the language of music or the construction of music! The music theory is all about being able to write and read music and usually, musicians are the ones to know about this. It’s the tools they use to help identify the music they’re playing and usually use it on a daily basis as well.

Do Those Working Within the Music Industry Need to Know the Music Theory?

Surprisingly, there are a number of people who work within the music world and who don’t know anything about the music industry. It’s not that uncommon to know such things but it can certainly help depending on which area they work in. For instance, some singers don’t always need to know how to read or write music and it might be the same for some producers or those in the mixing side of things. However, most people who are serious about this industry learn this to a degree.

What Is Music Theory? FAQs

Is It Important to Learn?

You can certainly benefit from knowing the music theory even though it might not be fully necessary to understand or know about it. Remember, it’s going to depend on which area within the music industry you are interested in and what you know about music. For some, it isn’t a necessity to learn but for others, it really is an important tool to have. Sometimes, if you’re serious about making it as a musician, you can often find reading and writing music to be a very useful concept and one you prefer more. It’s not something that’s always given much thought but it’s certainly something to think about.

Is It Difficult to Learn?

Learning about the music theory isn’t as difficult as you might think. Identifying and reading music can be a fairly simple process depending on how quick a learner you are. There are some who seem to pick up the ability of reading music within a few short weeks, while others take slightly longer. Writing music isn’t as difficult to do either surprisingly enough and you can benefit from it greatly. There has never been a better time to learn—even if you aren’t sure on it.

Time to Learn

The music theory is a very simple element amongst the music lovers and if you are serious about starting up, it can be an excellent thing to know. However, it’s not always a must-have in order to make it as a musician. Yes, there are lots of musicians who read and write music but there are also others who don’t. It’s a very unusual concept but true, so it’s worth looking into. Understanding the music theory a little more can be useful for most individuals and it’s something which you might benefit from as well.

Unlimited Music Downloads: Where to Download Quality Music

Unlimited music downloads are some of the most sought-after items of today with more people interested in music than ever before. It’s not difficult to see why so many people love the idea of downloading music but where can you download quality music? That’s a question and a half simply because so many people turn to illegal download sites which are putting them at real risk—and, of course, have poor quality music as well. So, where can you get quality downloads?

Choose a Legitimate Outlet

First of all, you have to find a music downloading outlet that is legitimate and authentic. You really won’t find that to be a difficult fact at all because there are lots of good outlets to choose from which offer high-quality downloads. However, it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to download which is very important to remember. There are lots of great outlets that offer high-quality downloads for a reasonable price. If you want quality music downloads, your best bet would be to look at the legitimate and more popular sites first.

Unlimited Music Downloads: Where to Download Quality Music

I Tunes and Amazon

What you do have to remember is that quality depends on the source you’re downloading from. Remember the old P2P sites? Millions used them to share songs and while they are now banned, there are still some out there. However, they were famed for having poor quality music at the best of times and that can be a real nightmare to say the least. If you are downloading music you want good quality music and it’s not too difficult to find. Have you heard of Amazon or iTunes? These are two of the biggest sites right now for high-quality music downloads and you might want to check these out first.

Subscription or Pay per Download?

When downloading high quality music, you have the option to go for a pay per download option or a subscription. Now, subscriptions can essentially offer you the ability to listen and download high-quality songs for a one-time cost, but be wary—not all songs might be included in their playlist. A pay-per-download option offers anyone who wishes to purchase one song the ability to do so whenever or wherever they want. It’s theirs to keep. Both options are great and it really comes down to how often you listen to new music. Sometimes, it’s cost effective to go for a subscription service but at other time, it’s best for pay per download.

High Quality Comes at a Price

What you do have the remember is that when you love your songs and want to download high quality tunes, you have to pay for it. In life, you get what you pay for and that goes with music. If you want high quality you have to pay for it and that essentially means watching what sites you use. If you are able to download free music, be wary; the quality might not only be the thing that’s wrong with it. Download high quality music at legitimate sources. For more details you can read here

Music Download Sites: Where to Download New Music and Videos

Currently online, there are hundreds of music download sites and their popularity is on the increase. For the last decade, thousands have looked for websites that allow them to download new music and videos without hefty costs and it’s easy to see why they’re in great demand. However, the costs for downloading song after song or videos can be extremely costly and people always want something for nothing. It might not be a great idea, however, to look at illegal websites and there are lots of legitimate sites for you to download your songs for a reasonable cost.

Unlimited Download Sites with One-Time Fees

One of the best solutions to download music has to be unlimited download sites. These websites aren’t always given much thought and yet they have the real potential to offer up something very useful for those who want to download music and videos. Remember, with most of the unlimited download sites, they only come with a one-time fee and that fee isn’t as bad as you think. In most cases, you can pay a one-off fee and get a great selection of songs to choose from. You don’t have any limitations and you can download as many as you like.

Music Download Sites: Where to Download New Music and Videos

Check Out Apple Music and Amazon

Two of the biggest download outlets for any buyer has to be Amazon and Apple Music (i.e. iTunes). If you’re looking for music or videos to download you should look at these sites as they offer a simple way to purchase music and download. You should be able to download any song or video you like within seconds and it’s really a simple way to purchase music. You can actually get a wide variety of songs and videos to choose from and the costs aren’t that expensive either. It’s a great solution to look into nonetheless.

Watch Out for Scammers

However, when you are searching for music download sites, you have to be careful over which sites you use. If they look too good to be true, there’s a reason why (i.e. it might not be legitimate). Scammers are out there and it could potentially mean you fall for one of them and lose out big time. You have to be absolutely careful over which sites you use and be sure to check them out beforehand so that you don’t get caught out. There are lots of good music sites out there to choose from but there are also many scams. Be careful or you put yourself at risk.

Choose Your Site Carefully

You might love music but you do have to be extremely careful as to which sites you use to download music and videos. It’s not only important to use a legitimate website but one which allows you to download without trouble. It’s easy to download music but you don’t want to be caught downloading songs that are illegal. When searching for a good music download site, you have to do your research and ensure you’re downloading from a legitimate site.