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Best Drinking Songs

Let’s face it, we all love drinking so why not compile a perfect list of drinking songs! Okay so basically what we will do is throw together a big list of the funniest, loudest and most obnoxious drinking songs available so we can start throwing parties and having the most fun of our lives! Drinking as we know it is a very fun habit, whether you are at a bar or in your upstairs drinking while your kids are downstairs trying to sleep miserably listening to all of your annoying friends yell and bust out. Well, I am just speaking from my own experiences as a child. But when you have the need to get drunk, start listening to all of these songs! They will get the party going because they are so funny and put you in the mood where you are looking for some of the best drinking songs! Okay, so a great story of drinking songs is one in a million. But here is a pretty good one! When I was a child, my parents would have parties in the attic, with a bunch of fat people who obviously were drinking too much in their lives. What I say is that these people have too much fun to get out of drinking. Anyways, they went out to a bar for a while and I was stuck in the house with my brother.

When they got back my father was screaming all over the house, he had gotten tossed by a sumo wrestler! I know sounds kind of weird but apparently they got their drinks mixed up. Anyways that is not even the beginning, the next night he went back to the same bar and asked for a rematch, once again he got tossed. But the sumo wrestler ended up coming over to our house for some fun drinking songs! That’s the type of things that drinking can do to you.

Anyways let’s look at this list of the best drinking songs!

  1. Don’t come home a drinking – by Loretta Lynn
    2. Dinkin’ Wine Spo Dee O Dee – by Various
    3. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer – by Amos Milburn
    4. White Lightnin – by George Jones
    5. Quiet Whiskey – by Wynonie Harris
    6. Don’t take my whiskey away from me – by Wynonie Harris
    7. Streams of whisky – by Pogues
    8. There stands the glass – by Webb pierce
    9. The piano has been drinking – by Tom waits
    10. Little ole wine drinker me – by Tom waits

These are the top ten drinking songs!

However we still have many more songs for you to go through! So continue reading our website, we have about 50 Drinking songs that you can listen to and have a great time with!